DSM Tools

Here is a short list of tools with full DSM support, i.e. that allow creation of a new DSM language and generator, modeling with that DSM language, and generation from those models. The MDD-TIF workshop provides a useful comparison of most of these tools, as each implemented the same modeling language and generator.

Commercial Environments

Tool Vendor Platforms
MetaEdit+ MetaCase Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
DSL Tools* Microsoft Windows
Obeo Designer Obeo Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

* Requires Visual Studio Professional + VS SDK

Research Tools and Prototypes

Tool Institute Platforms
ADOxx University of Vienna Windows
AtomPM University Antwerp Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Diagram Predicate Framework University Bergen Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
GME Vanderbilt University Windows
Melanee University Mannheim Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
MultEcore** Western Norway University of Applied Sciences Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Visual Modeling and Transformation System University Budapest Windows

* Requires Eclipse, EMF, GEF, Prolog
** Requires Eclipse, EMF, Sirius

Code Frameworks

Tool Provider Supports
JViews ILOG Java
Sirius Eclipse Eclipse
EMF Eclipse Eclipse
GEF Eclipse Eclipse
GMF* Eclipse Eclipse

* Requires Eclipse, EMF, GEF, ANTLR

Separate Generators

There are also some separate generators or other transformation tools that can be useful for DSM tools with little or no such support of their own.

Tool Platforms
ATL Eclipse
Acceleo Eclipse
CodeWorker Windows, Linux
Xpand Eclipse

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