Workshop on

Graphical Modeling Language Development

3 July, 2012, Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark (at ECMFA 2012

Workshop has now finished. Below you can view the papers, presentations and group work results.

Models play an important role in software development. They not only support communication and understanding, but are increasingly used in automating software development tasks such as code generation, testing, simulation and analysis. While many languages are created for software developers others may be created for business analysts, interaction specialists, test engineers, or persons responsible for product configuration and deployment. Often these languages are domain-specific, created for a narrow application area or for use only inside one company.

(For more photos see schedule below and Hubert Baumeister's photos from ECMFA).

Workshop format and schedule

The workshop format is a combination of presentations, discussion sessions, and group work on selected topics.

Tuesday, 3rd July, Room S10
9:00 Welcome & Agenda (preface) (presentation) (photo)
9:15   Domain Specific Language Architecture for Automation Systems: An Industrial Case Study  (presentation) (photo1, photo2)
(Christopher Preschern, Andrea Leitner, Christian Kreiner)
Domain-specific front-end for virtual system modeling (presentation) (photo)
(Janne Vatjus-Anttila, Jari Kreku, Kari Tiensyrjä)
10:30 Break  
11:00  A Comparison of Ecore and GOPPRR through an Information System Meta Modeling Approach (presentation) (photo)
(Vladimir Dimitrieski, Milan Celikovic, Vladimir Ivančević, Ivan Luković)
SeMFIS: A Tool for Managing Semantic Conceptual Models (presentation) (photo)
(Hans-Georg Fill) 
Towards collaboration between sighted and visually impaired developers in the context of Model-Driven Engineering
(Filipe Del Nero Grillo, Renata Fortes, Daniel Lucrédio)
12:30 Lunch

13:30   Group work
14:30 Break
15:00   Group work continues
16:15 Group work reporting (group1 (photo), group2 (photo))
Wrap-up and closing
17:00  Workshop ends

Program committee

Organizing committee