Second Workshop on 
Domain-Specific Visual Languages

An OOPSLA Workshop 
November 4, 2002
Seattle , WA , USA

Information about other workshops in the series is available here.

Themes and Goals

An upward shift in abstraction leads to a corresponding increase in productivity. In the past this has occurred when programming languages have evolved towards a higher level of abstraction. Today, domain-specific visual languages provide a viable solution for continuing to raise the level of abstraction beyond coding.

In a domain-specific visual language (DSVL), the models are made up of elements representing things that are part of the domain world, not the code world. The language follows the domain abstractions and semantics, allowing developers to perceive themselves as working directly with domain concepts. Thus, language raises the abstraction to the problem domain, making development work faster and easier.

Metamodeling and metaCASE tools significantly ease the implementation of domain-specific visual languages. They provide support for experimenting with the language as it is built, and remove the burden of tool creation and maintenance from the language creator.

In this workshop, our focus will be on various issues related to domain-specific visual languages. Some of the issues that we would like to see addressed in this workshop are:

Workshop Summary

The organizers initiated the workshop by asking each participant to introduce themselves and tell something about their research interests. Following the introduction, the organizers presented a schedule of the activities that were planned. They also provided and introduction to the themes that represented the collected papers. The remainder of the morning session focused on invited presentations. Just before lunch, the organizers asked the group to split up into 3 different subgroups. These groups were charged with the responsibility of exploring specifically defined questions targeted toward their specialization. Each of these subgroups went to lunch together. 

The focus group sessions occupied most of the afternoon. Near the end of the workshop, all of the participants came back together. Before departing, each subgroup summarized their discussions to the whole. 

The accepted workshop position papers are available. The invited presentations have also been archived, in addition to photos of the event.

Previous Workshop

The first OOPSLA workshop on Domain-Specific Visual Languages was held in Tampa Bay, Florida, during OOPSLA 2001. A link to the papers, presentations, and information for this first workshop is:
Workshop on Domain-Specific Visual Languges, OOPSLA 2001


The following links provide examples of domain-specific modeling, as well as pointers to events and related topics: 

Program Committee


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