The 17th Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling

Athens, Greece
October 20, 2019

Domain-Specific Modeling (DSM) provides a modern solution to demands for higher productivity by constricting the gap between problem and solution modeling. In the past, productivity gains have been sought from new programming languages. Domain-specific languages and modeling provide a viable solution for continuing to raise the level of abstraction beyond coding, making development faster and easier for all participants.

The workshop welcomes submissions that address Domain-Specific Modeling on practical or theoretical levels. They can be research papers, experience reports, position papers or demonstration papers. Some of the issues that we would like to see addressed in this workshop are:

Workshop Information

Details of the workshop are available at SPLASH 2019 conference site along with program.

For past workshops at OOPSLA/SPLASH see papers, program, and results of earlier DSM workshops.

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