The 13th Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling


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Proceedings of the 13th Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling (DSM’13), Sunday 27 October 2013, SPLASH, Indianapolis, IN, USA.


Welcome: the 13th Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling
Gray, Kelly, Sprinkle

Experience and Application

  1. MDE-based Sensor Management and Verification for a Self-Driving Miniature Vehicle
    Al Mamun, Berger, Hansson.
  2. Evaluating the Benefits of Using Domain-Specific Modeling Languages - an Experience Report
    Wegeler, Gutzeit, Destailleur, Dock.
  3. Generating a ROS/JAUS Bridge for an Autonomous Ground Vehicle
    Morley, Warren, Rabb, Bunting, Whitsitt, Sprinkle


  1. Dynamic Symbol Templates and Ports in MetaEdit+
    Kelly, Pohjonen
  2. Model-driven Performance Estimation, Deployment, and Resource Management for Cloud-hosted Services
    Caglar, An, Shekhar, Gokhale
  3. A roadmap to domain specific programming languages for environmental modelling: Key requirements and concepts
    Athanasiadis, Villa
  4. Empirical Comparison of Language Workbenches

Looking Forward

  1. Towards Domain-Specific Property Languages: The ProMoBox Approach
    Meyers, Wimmer, Vangheluwe, Denil
  2. model[NL]generation: Natural Language Model Extraction
    Ackermann, Volz
  3. On the Way of Bottom-Up Designing Textual Domain-Specific Modelling Languages
    Roth, Jahn, Jablonski
  4. On the customization of model management systems
    Méndez-Acuña, Casallas, Etien

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