The 12th Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling


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Proceedings of the 12th Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling (DSM’12), Rossi, M., Sprinkle, J., Grey, J., Tolvanen, J.-P., (eds.), 2012.


Welcome: the 12th Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling
Matti Rossi, Jonathan Sprinkle, Jeff Gray, Juha-Pekka Tolvanen


  1. Towards xMOF: Executable DSMLs based on fUML
    Tanja Mayerhofer, Philip Langer and Manuel Wimmer
  2. Proactive Modeling: Auto-Generating Models From Their Semantics and Constraints
    Tanumoy Pati, Dennis Feiock and James Hill


  1. The RPG DSL: a case study of language engineering using MDD for Generating RPG Games for Mobile Phones
    Eduardo Marques, Valter Balegas, Bruno Barroca, Ankica Barisic and Vasco Amaral
  2. Domain Specific Modeling for Operations Research Simulation in a Large Industrial Context
    David Lugato, Marc Palyart and Christophe Engelvin
  3. The United States of a Meta-model build with MyDraft - An agile model-driven cloud-based platform for data-oriented rich web applications
    Michel Zam, Gilles Dodinet and Genevičve Jomier

Extending Languages

  1. EA Anamnesis: Towards an approach for Enterprise Architecture rationalization
    Georgios Plataniotis, Sybren de Kinderen and Henderik A. Proper.
  2. UML4COP: UML-based DSML for Context-Aware Systems
    Naoyasu Ubayashi and Yasutaka Kamei
  3. DSMLs for Enterprise Architecture Management - Review of Selected Approaches
    Heiko Kattenstroth
  4. Heterogeneous Multi-core Systems: UML Profiles vs. DSM Approaches
    David McKean and Jonathan Sprinkle

Research directions

  1. Design Considerations for a Cyber-Physical Testing Language on the Example of Autonomous Driving
    Christian Berger
  2. ESEML - Empirical Software Engineering Modeling Language
    Bruno Cartaxo, Ítalo Costa, Dhiego Martins, André Santos, Sergio Soares and Vinicius Garcia
  3. Domain-Specific Languages for Composing Signature Discovery Workflows
    Ferosh Jacob, Adam Wynne, Yan Liu, Nathan Baker and Jeff Gray