The 7th OOPSLA Workshop on
Domain-Specific Modeling


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Proceedings of the 7th OOPSLA Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling (DSM’07), Sprinkle, J., Gray, J., Rossi, M., Tolvanen, J.-P., (eds.), Computer Science and Information System Reports, Technical Reports, TR-38, University of Jyväskylä, Finland 2007, ISBN 978-951-39-2915-2. 


Welcome message from the organizers
List of program and organizing committees
- Presentation Slides

Classification and Understanding

1. Domain-Specific Software Development Terminology: Do We All Speak the Same Language?
Arturo Sánchez-Ruíz, Motoshi Saeki, Benoit Langlois and Roberto Paiano - Presentation Slides   

2. A Multi-dimensional Framework for Characterizing Domain Specific Languages
Oystein Haugen and Parastoo Mohagheghi - Presentation Slides

3. How Intelligent Functionality Implemented in Domain Specific Meta-Models depends on Model Semantics
Peter Krall - Presentation Slides

4. DSL Classification
Benoit Langlois, Consuela-Elena Jitia and Eric Jouenne - Presentation Slides

5. Program Families in Scientific Computing 
Spencer Smith, John McCutchan and Fang Cao - Presentation Slides

6. Building software systems from a specification of the business processes that they support
Hafedh Mili, Petko Valtchev, Abdel Leshob, Abdel Obaid, and Ghislain Lévesque - Presentation Slides

Flexibility, Reuse, and Automation

7. Building a framework to support Domain Specific Language evolution using Microsoft DSL Tools
Gerardo de Geest, Antoine Savelkoul and Aali Alikoski - Presentation Slides

8. A Domain-specific Metamodel for Reusable, Object-Oriented, High-Integrity Components
Matteo Bordin and Tullio Vardanega - Presentation Slides

9. Making Domain-Specific Models Collaborate
Audrey Occello, Olivier Casile, Anne-Marie Dery-Pinna and Michel Riveill

10. Comparison Between Different Abstraction Level Programming: Experiment Definition and Initial Results - video
Janne Merilinna and Juha Pärssinen

11. A Semi-automatic Approach for Bridging DSLs with UML
Manuel Wimmer, Andrea Schauerhuber, Michael Strommer, Wieland Schwinger and Gerti Kappel - Presentation Slides

12. Model interchange between ARIS and Eclipse EMF
Heiko Kern and Stefan Kühne - Presentation Slides

Theoretical Foundations

13. Handling Variability in Model Transformations and Generators
Markus Voelter and Iris Groher - Presentation Slides

14. Model Driven Ecological Interface Development: The Constraints Model
Alexandre Moise and Jean-Marc Robert - Presentation Slides

15. Automatic Generation of Model-to-Model Transformations from Rule-Based Specifications of Operational Semantics
Hans Vangheluwe and Juan de Lara - Presentation Slides

16. Generation of Workflow Code from DSMs
Stephan Roser, Florian Lautenbacher and Bernhard Bauer - Presentation Slides

17. Toward a Security Domain Model for Static Analysis and Verification of Information Systems
Alan Shaffer, Mikhail Auguston, Cynthia Irvine and Tim Levin - Presentation Slides

18. Automated Transformation of Statements within Evolving Domain Specific Languages
Peter Bell - Presentation Slides

19. Dealing with constraints during a feature configuration process in a model-driven software product line
Hugo Arboleda, Rubby Casallas and Jean-Claude Royer

State of the Practice

20. A Web Specific Language for Content Management Systems
Vidar Svansson and Roberto Erick Lopez-Herrejon - Presentation Slides

21. Building Tools by Model Transformations in Eclipse
Audris Kalnins, Oskars Vilitis, Edgars Celms, Elina Kalnina, Agris Sostaks and Janis Barzdins - Presentation Slides

22. Using Domain Specific Languages for Software Process Modeling
Dario Correal and Rubby Casallas - Presentation Slides

23. Efficient Editor Generation for Compositional DSLs in Eclipse
Holger Krahn, Bernhard Rumpe and Steven Völkel - Presentation Slides

24. The Making Of User-Interface Designer, A Proprietary DSM Tool
Laurent Safa - Presentation Slides

25. Advanced Tooling for Domain-Specific Modeling: MetaEdit+
Juha-Pekka Tolvanen, Risto Pohjonen and Steven Kelly - Presentation Slides

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