The 6th OOPSLA Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling


Proceedings of the 6th OOPSLA Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling (DSM’06), Gray, J., Tolvanen, J.-P., Sprinkle, J. (eds.), Computer Science and Information System Reports, Technical Reports, TR-37, University of Jyväskylä, Finland 2006, ISBN 951-39-2631-1. Proceedings is available as a one pdf file.


Organizers introduction to the workshop.


1. Using Domain-Specific Modeling towards Computer Games Development Industrialization
André W. B. Furtado and André L. M. Santos

2. Building a Flexible Software Factory Using Partial Domain Specific Models (presentation slides)
Jos Warmer and Anneke Kleppe

3. Conceptual design of web application families: the BWW approach (presentation slides)
Roberto Paiano, Andrea Pandurino, and Anna Lisa Guido

4. Building End-User Progr amming Systems Based on a Domain-Specific Language (presentation slides)
Herbert Prähofer, Dominik Hurnaus, and Hanspeter Mössenböck

5. Dart: A Meta-Level Object-Or iented Framework for Task-Specific Behavior Modeling by Domain Experts (presentation slides)
Reza Razavi, Jean-François Perrot, and Ralph Johnson

Practical Experiences

6. Genie: a Domain-Specific Modeling Tool for the Generation of Adaptive and Reflective Middleware Families 
Nelly Bencomo and Gordon Blair

7. Incremental Development of a Domain-Specific Language That Supports Multiple Application Styles 
Kevin Bierhoff, Edy Liongosari, and Kishore Swaminathan

8. Programmatic Building of Models Just for Pretty Printing (presentation slides)
Tero Hasu

9. Toward Families of QVT DSL and Tool (presentation slides)
Benoît Langlois, Daniel Exertier and Ghanshyamsinh Devda

10. Preserving Architectural Knowledge Through Domain-Specific Modeling 
Femi G. Olumofin and Vojislav B. Misic

11. Domain Model Driven Development of Web Applications 
Dzenan Ridjanovic

12. Generative Programming for a Component-based Framework of Distributed Embedded Systems (presentation slides)
Xu Ke and Krzysztof Sierszecki


13. Techniques for Metamodel Composition (presentation slides)
Matthew Emerson and Janos Sztipanovits

14. On Relationships among Models, Meta Models and Ontologies (presentation slides)
Motoshi Saeki and Haruhiko Kaiya

15. Roles in Software Development using Domain Specific Modelling Languages (presentation slides)
Holger Krahn, Bernhard Rumpe, and Steven Völkel

16. Lightweight Domain-Specific Modeling and Model-Driven Development (presentation slides)
Risto Pitkänen and Tommi Mikkonen


17. How to represent Models, Languages and Transformations? (presentation slides)
Martin Feilkas

18. Model Integration in Domains Requiring User - Model Interaction and Continuous Adaptation of Metamodel (presentation slides)
Peter Krall

19. The Practice of Deploying DSM Report from a Japanese Appliance Maker Trenches (presentation slides)
Laurent Safa

20. A Model-Based Workflow Approach for Scientific Applications (presentation slides)
Leonardo Salayandía, Paulo Pinheiro da Silva, Ann Q. Gates, and Alvaro Rebellon

21. Bootstrapping Domain-Specific Model-Driven Software Development within Philips (presentation slides)
Hans Jonkers, Marc Stroucken, and Richard Vdovjak

22. Domain-Specific Model Composition Using a Lattice of Coalgebras (presentation slides)
Jennifer Streb, Garrin Kimmell, Nicolas Frisby, and Perry Alexander