DSM Case Studies and Examples

Domain-Specific Modeling has been applied in many industrial applications, consistently improving productivity by 5 to 10 times. Many companies are however wary of revealing the source of their competitive advantage. Below are some examples and case studies of those who have gone public with their results.

First, here are four DSM cases examined in some depth, and two sources containing lots of brief DSM examples and case studies:

Programming microcontrollers
An example of how DSM can be applied for embedded systems with strict resource limitations: a home automation system voice menu using a 8-bit microcontroller
Creating workflow applications on the basis of Business Processes
Mapping of business process models to a workflow engine
Smartphone apps/Python 
A more in-depth example of a mobile application, written to explain DSM
Software Defined Radio
Using DSM to Develop SDR Components & Applications
Call Processing Language
Describing and controlling Internet telephony services
Generating enterprise applications from models
Experiences and best practices
Sample DSM models
Screenshots of many different DSM languages and generation results.
Various DSM examples
Financial, Lotus Notes, Web app, Embedded/Assembler, Embedded/MIDP

Below is a selection of mostly commercial case studies and examples:

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